Hey! welcome to my humble little blog. You'll find a lot of Escape from Furnace, some The WANTED, a lot of Hannibal, The Following, and the rest is random stuff and some of our personal experiences I think are funny that are 70% of the time not funny to anyone else..My name is Katie by the way.

18th April 2014

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18th April 2014

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If you’re in the shit, don’t go around moaning about it: do something about it.
— George Harrison; in his autobiography, I Me Mine. (via john-lennons-sideburns)

18th April 2014

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18th April 2014

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if only i had been more curious about the common mind (for frilton)

#when will my kidney return from the war

My Dear Frederick!

The war is a horrible thing. I miss You so much. We were brutally seperated from each other and that’s unfair. I read Your letters every day and they make me happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because I reminiscent those great moments we had together. And sad, because when I’m reading Your words: “without You I’m not whole”  You remind me that I was once Yours.

I don’t know If we are going to see each other again. If something happens to me, remember, that I will always belong to you

Your beloved


P.S. Eat well! Remember what the doctors told you.

18th April 2014

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if you ever feel like a failure, just remember that jack crawford and the fbi arrested a vegan as the main suspect on a cannibal case

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17th April 2014

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17th April 2014

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  • Everyone on tumblr: i'm ugly *actually gorgeous*
  • Me: i'm ugly *actually ugly*

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17th April 2014

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you’ve been fooled, Will

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16th April 2014

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16th April 2014


Hi there!

I know I don’t talk to most of you, I just wanted to say hello and to let you know you can come talk to me whenever. I love all of you and hope you all had a wonderful day. Just know I appreciate you even if I haven’t had the chance to tell you before. Much love to all.

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